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Property Services for Start Up and Development Engagements

Let Beacon Communities provide assistance throughout the conceptualizing phase of your unique senior housing development. Our experienced professionals can customize and prepare:
  1. Construction and Design
    • Design consultation and construction/architectural plan review
    • Participation in Architectural/Design calls, communications
    • Recruitment of GC/ongoing site reviews during construction
    • Coordination of FF&E Proposal,Vendors, Interior Design Team
    • Coordination of Technology/Emergency Calls Systems
  2. Market Review
    • Feasibility Study with market demographics and supply/demand analysis
    • Site Selection Review and Analysis/Recommendations
      • type/number of apartment units
      • services
      • amenities
  3. Financial Analysis and Development
    • Creation of Budget Pro-Forma financial projections
    • Pre-opening Marketing/Operating budget
    • Assistance with Loan/Financing Process and Applications
  4. Administrative Support
    • Support with CON (Certificate of Need) Process
    • Licensure Assistance
    • Business Plan Development and Review
    • Customized Critical Path for project
    • Participation in Planning Commission meetings/community events
  5. Cost-effective Operations and Marketing Support
    • Pre-opening marketing plan/office set-up/Opening Events
    • Lead tracking systems to manage sales activities and cost/conversion analysis
    • Website and Social Media development
    • Team Recruitment and Initial Team Training

Turnaround and Work Out Engagements

Turning a property around can be quite difficult and often a matter of survival. Beacon has extensive experience in Turnaround and Work Out/Receivership type engagements, successfully consulting with and temporarily managing many existing communities needing help with marketing challenges, management issues and/or regulatory matters.

Beacon has had extensive involvement with the due diligence and temporary management of several senior housing portfolios for national lending institutions, such as FannieMae. During these types of circumstances, we take a systematic approach to assist in:

  • Licensure transfer and name change
  • Procurement of insurance
  • Employee and resident assessments
  • Staff enrollment for benefits
  • Accounting and vendor transitioning
  • Exit strategy/sale of communities

To alleviate concerns of residents, families, staff, vendors and regulators due to several changes in a short period of time, Beacon strives to provide open and honest communication of our goals and plans to all parties to gain their acceptance and assistance.