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Property Management

Let Beacon Communities provide assistance throughout the conceptualizing phase of your unique senior housing development. Our experienced professionals can customize and prepare:

  1. Construction and Design
    • Design consultation and construction/architectural plan review
    • Participation in Architectural/Design calls, communications
    • Recruitment of GC/ongoing site reviews during construction
    • Coordination of FF&E Proposal,Vendors, Interior Design Team
    • Coordination of Technology/Emergency Calls Systems
  2. Market Review
    • Feasibility Study with market demographics and supply/demand analysis
    • Site Selection Review and Analysis/Recommendations
      • type/number of apartment units
      • services
      • amenities
  3. Financial Analysis and Development
    • Creation of Budget Pro-Forma financial projections
    • Pre-opening Marketing/Operating budget
    • Assistance with Loan/Financing Process and Applications
  4. Administrative Support
    • Support with CON (Certificate of Need) Process
    • Licensure Assistance
    • Business Plan Development and Review
    • Customized Critical Path for project
    • Participation in Planning Commission meetings/community events
  5. Cost-effective Operations and Marketing Support
    • Pre-opening marketing plan/office set-up/Opening Events
    • Lead tracking systems to manage sales activities and cost/conversion analysis
    • Website and Social Media development
    • Team Recruitment and Initial Team Training